Our Story

Long, long ago, in a faraway place (Texas), a young man decided to create some homemade jerky. He tasted it and said, “Hmm, not bad..., but it could be better.” So for many years he added and tweaked ingredients until the recipe was just right. His friends and family said, “Hey, maybe you should sell this stuff!” And the middle-aged man replied, “Yeah, right - here, have some more jerky.”

One day a much older, and slightly wiser man said to himself, “Self, if you didn’t make your own jerky, where would you go to buy anything this good? Hey, maybe you should sell this stuff!” So with the help of a good friend and encouragement from his wife (“Put down the blasted banjo, and go sell some of that jerky!”), a new business was born. Don’t ya just love it when a plan comes together!

Well, that’s our story, and we’re sticking to it. Enjoy our product — we sure do. And share some with a friend... if your friend happens to show up before it’s all gone (helpful hint - chew faster!).

Don & Dale
A Couple o’ Jerks in St. Louis

Frequently Asked Questions

A Couple o' Jerks?? What's the real name of the company?

Why the weird name? Are all of you really jerks?

How long have you been in business?

Are you the same jerks that are producing German Relish? What's up with that?

Rumor has it you have branched out again, into the meat stick market. True?

What makes you so special?

Do you have lots of other flavors, like the other guys?

How do you control your quality?

How does your price compare with the competition?

Are these really “frequently asked questions”?