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Welcome to A Couple o' Jerks

A Couple o' Jerks produces premium quality beef jerky the old fashion way - hand sliced meat, marinated in our original (and top secret) recipes and smoked, for that unique taste that will make you wonder why you ever bought jerky from the "other guys".

Our Products

German Style Relish

Our German Style Relish is hard to describe, and even harder to stop eating.

It's not your average minced and mushy pickle relish. In fact there are no pickles in it. And it is shredded, with a delightful crunch. 

Premium Beef Jerky

Forget about other beef jerky, this will change your ways forever. If you want the best beef jerky you have ever tasted, then look no further.

With three different flavors, Original Spicy, Mild(er), and Wimpy, there is a variety for everyone

Snack Stix

One day we started wondering how our Original Spicy formula would taste in a meat stick, and we gotta say, it was pretty snacky. 

The heat level is on the mild(er) side, and the taste is everything you would expect from A Couple o' Jerks. 

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